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News - 24 November 2011

Care Homes and investment opportunities.

To an outside observer, the collapse of the Care Sector’s largest care home operator, Southern Cross, this summer would suggest an industry in turmoil.
However, appearances can be deceptive and care developers are actually reporting on pockets of expansion throughout a number of counties, even if there remain many regions yet to feel any rejuvenation.
Property developers and construction firms have recognised a ‘belt’ of opportunity presenting itself in South Midlands counties and across to their Eastern England neighbours, where a rise in planning applications and emerging care facilities can be found.

Developers are favouring the emergence of extra care villages and supported living into the market, with councillors finding more favour for methods of encouraging self-sufficiency and independence, rather than directing their enthusiasm into more traditional care home environments.

Lavinia Newman, Founder of ABDS says:

“ When looking at Cross, it remains important not to jump to conclusions and paint a grim picture of care sector opportunity because of the turmoil of one company, particularly with economists agreeing the health giant’s collapse was the result of a failing business model, no doubt exasperated by economic factors, but in no way representing the sector as a whole.”
Many leading healthcare officials believe that small and emerging providers, with highly focused service models, can lead the way out of a crisis through a flexibility that larger companies cannot boast. If such factors prove to be correct then a failing giant actually offers more opportunities to smaller providers and, coupled with these pockets of growth, actually suggests that the care industry has decent foundations for further expansion and development.

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