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News - 27 January 2012

A near rebellion by the medical establishment over the NHS.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (who represents 20 royal colleges, professional bodies that govern standards in the health service) had been preparing to release a statement saying it could not support the health bill in its current form.

A number of the larger colleges started having doubts about the wisdom of taking such a political stance, and withdrew from the move after ministers made last-ditch phone calls.

Unlike the health unions, the royal colleges tend to stay more neutral, partly due to their charitable status.

At a meeting of the academy on Tuesday night, a statement said:
"The medical royal colleges and faculties of the academy continue to have significant concerns over a number of aspects of the health bill and are disappointed that more progress has not been made in directly addressing the issues we have raised.”

The provisional plan had been to publish the statement late on Wednesday morning, ahead of Prime Minister's questions, but it soon became clear the Royal College of Surgeons was not prepared to put its name to the statement.

But after the talks finished a joint statement was issued which said there had been a "useful exchange of information and an agreement to continue the dialogue".

In the autumn of 2011, the college said it had serious concerns about the proposals, particularly over accountability, competition and training.

Officials from a number of the larger and most influential colleges have indicated they were not prepared to take a tougher stance than that now.

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