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News - 19 April 2012

Minimum wage lower than in 2004

The Resolution Foundation think tank said October's 11p an hour rise to £6.19 was the third successive below-inflation increase.

The report, written by Professor Alan Manning of the London School of Economics, said that while recent caution on increases was justified, the impact of the minimum wage had now "stalled".

Professor Manning also said: "The minimum wage is one of the most popular policies of modern times but in some sense it's been a victim of its own success.”

A Business Department spokesman said: "It is important that we have a national minimum wage that provides the necessary protection for the lowest paid workers while at the same time not pricing people out of the labour market."

Oliver Reeve of the Payroll Department of ABDS says:
“The rates are recommended to Government each year by the independent Low Pay Commission who base their analysis on extensive evidence and a thorough consultation process."

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