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News - 25 May 2012

Beware of Bank Card Scam

A scam involving a bogus phone call implying that the victims card needs replacing due to fraud on their account has so far netted an estimated £1.5m for the Fraudsters.

A courier is dispatched to collect the card and the victim is told to key in their Pin on the phone. Around £750,000 was stolen during the first four months of the year, the same as the whole of 2011.

The scam starts with the victim, often an older person, receiving an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from their bank and suggesting their card needs replacing.

The caller often suggests the person hangs up and calls the bank back if they want to ensure the call is genuine. However, by giving a bogus number or staying on the line, the fraudster can then pretend to be from the bank.

Lavinia Newman, Founder of ABDS says:
"Banks will never call customers to say they are going to collect their cards from their home and consumers should not hand their cards over. Banks do not ask customers to authorise anything by entering their pin into a telephone and pin numbers should only be entered at cash machines or chip and pin machines."
The UK Payments Council urged people to never to hand over their card to somebody who wants to collect it, and never to share their four-digit Pin with anyone else.

Victims of scams such as these are refunded losses by the card provider, unless they are playing an active, knowing part in the scam.

If you are unsure, contact your bank in your normal manner, or call the police.

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