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News - 30 July 2012

Academies can hire unqualified teachers.

The Government has announced that all Academy Schools can hire, as teachers, people who do not possess qualified teacher status (QTS). They say this will enable

Academies to employ professionals such as scientists, engineers, musicians, linguists and business people who can bring their own expertise to bear.

Unions for head teachers and teachers have attacked the move, describing it as a damaging backward step, with one teaching union condemning the decision as a "clear dereliction of duty" and arguing that all schoolchildren should be taught by qualified teachers.

The change is immediate.

Until now, most state-funded schools could only employ people with what is known as "Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)", meaning they have been trained and approved as meeting a range of standards.

The change also brings academies in line with the new free schools, which are already free to employ people without QTS.

Academies, like free schools, are funded by the state but are semi-independent, outside of local authority control and have greater freedom over the curriculum and teachers' pay and conditions than other schools.

The changes will apply to schools switching to become academies. Existing academies will have to apply to make the change by altering their contract (funding agreement) with the government.

About half of England's secondary schools are now either academies or are in the process of becoming academies. Only a small percentage of primary schools have made the change.

Head teachers' leaders have come out against the change too.

Independent schools are exempt.

If you need any help and advice with Academy Schools or Charities, contact Lavinia Newman or Peter Ham now to discuss how ABDS can help bring their experience to these matters.

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