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News - 27 September 2012

Lib Dems call for £100 million child care.

At the Lib Dem Conference this week, the Deputy Prime Minister called for the Government to grant councils in England and Wales with £100 million to help meet the promise to provide nursery places for 100,000 two-year-olds by 2014.

The government is committed to providing up to 15 hours of free childcare for all two-year-olds from the poorest two-fifths of households by September 2014. However in many areas, particularly those deemed socially disadvantaged, there is a shortage of childcare facilities. The £100 million is intended for capital spending to create nursery schools from existing buildings.

Mr Clegg, speaking at the Lib Dem annual conference in Brighton, said: "So much of a child's future is determined before they hang up their coats on their first day at school.

Labour says the plans are not comprehensive enough and has urged the coalition to do more.

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