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News - 6 November 2008

Topical Tax Tips on Bonfire Night 2008


A bright non-rainy evening for tax tips and networking for clients and other professional colleagues and advisors. An opportunity to meet the ABDS staff on their home territory.

The children lead the way with a traditional Guy Fawkes and guests congregated around the bonfire as it was lit and the effigy cast to the flames.

ABDS staff-turned-caterers provided refreshments and hot food including hotdogs, tomato soup, chicken legs and burgers on what was a chilly November evening. Once everyone had warmed up, the fireworks began with an impressive display lasting half an hour.

Hostess Lavinia Newman describes the event, “It is a great opportunity for our clients to get to know all the staff in a fun and friendly environment, the adults enjoyed it as much as the children and we hope that the tax tips are useful.”

In addition to the efforts of Team ABDS at The Great South Run, a further £45 was raised in a ‘Bonfire’ Raffle, where three bottles of champagne were offered as prizes. All proceeds go to Leukaemia Research.

Guests enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the annual tradition whilst benefitting from the tax advice being offered by ABDS’ senior staff. We can only hope that next year the apple pie is just as tasty!

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