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News - 7 March 2013

Childcare costs: Parents 'see rise of £5 a week'

According to the Daycare Trust's annual survey, based on figures submitted by Family Information Services, average childcare costs across England, Scotland and Wales rose by £5 a week (or 6%) per child in a year.

The average full-time nursery place for a child under two cost £11,000 a year.

In January, Children's Minister Liz Truss announced nurseries and childminders in England would be allowed to look after more children. She said the proposals would make more childcare places available and reduce costs for parents in the "long term".

Peter Ham Auditor and Head of Schools and Charities at ABDS comments:
“In England, 25 hours of nursery-based care for under-twos cost an average of £108.51 in 2012-13, compared with £103.19 in 2011-12. In Scotland there was a slight fall in average costs from £101.49 to £101.19. And in Wales costs were up a penny on the previous year at £92.36.”

The report said childcare costs were "rising at significantly above the rate of inflation in England".
"Over a 10-year period, a nursery place for a child aged two or under is now 62% more expensive than it was in 2003.

All three countries saw significant rises in the cost of after-school clubs - from £45.81 to £49.71 for 15 hours of care per child in England, from £48.55 to £50.46 in Scotland and from £40.05 to £48.46 in Wales.

The study also found:
Childminder costs in Britain have increased by 5.9% for a child under the age of two - from £92.68 in 2011-12, for 25 hours of care, to £98.15 in 2012-13
Childminder costs have risen by 5.2% for 25 hours of care for a child aged two and above - from £91.87 to £96.67
London nurseries were the most expensive for under-twos, where 25 hours of care cost £133.17
The average cost of after-school clubs in 2012-13 was £49.67 per week, up 9% from £45.53 the previous year
After-school clubs in the East Midlands were the most expensive, at £56.51 a week
The biggest rise in childcare costs was in after-school clubs in the east of England, where charges rose 38%, from £43.96 to £50.74

The report suggests many parents used other members of the family for childcare. A quarter of families (26%) relied on grandparents to provide childcare during term-time, while 5% used other relatives and 4% older siblings.

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