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News - 10 April 2013

The debate about Academy schools is over.

Andrew Webb, the new president of the Association of the Directors of Children's Services has stated that debate about whether England's academy schools are good or bad and about school buildings is "over."

He made the comments as he took over as president of the ADCS, and he has also warned of the danger of "becoming slaves to league tables".

Lavinia Newman, founder of ABDS comments:
“Under the Academy and Free School programme, the role of Local Councils have been cut by making the schools independent and outside of council control and funded directly from central government.”

Directors of children's services also have responsibility for children in care and for adoption in their areas. In a speech in London, Mr Webb called for a "radical review of the way community services work together" to help children in care.

He said that although children who are taken in to care when they are young generally do well, the same is not true for those who leave their natural families as teenagers.

Mr Webb also called for a greater use of "kinship care", where children are looked after by relatives or friends if their parents are not capable of looking after them, saying vulnerable children might do better if kept in their own communities.

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