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News - 18 April 2013

Care Homes and the Care Quality Commission

With a series of bad publicity over standards and the growing pressure on finances with local authority cut backs and a call for more care at home,  the Residential Care Sector has come under increasing scrutiny in the last twelve months.

It is the job of The Care Quality Commission (CQC) to regulate all health and adult social care services in England, including those provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies and voluntary organisations.

Lavinia Newman, founder of ABDS comments:
“The CQC was established to make sure that essential standards of quality and safety are being met where care is provided. However, a recent report from the Health Select Committee on the Commission concluded that, five years after being established, it still needed to define its core purpose and earn the public's confidence that its inspections provide an assurance of acceptable standards in care and patient safety.”

The report says that care providers should have to demonstrate they have robust procedures which foster a culture of challenge and response within the organisation. Those which cannot meet this obligation should be refused registration by the CQC.

Lavinia Newman continues:
“The current situation with the housing market is also a key issue, with many private paying residents having problems in selling their homes to fund residential care which in turn results in the possibility of beds remaining empty. Therefore with the ever increasing cost of utilities and food, cash flow for many Homes can be a major issue.”

Other issues highlighted included quality of staff and management, staffing ratios and regular reviews of costs and value for money.

If you need any help and advice on Care and Nursing Homes and cash flow issues, contact Peter Ham, Lavinia Newman, Stuart Coleman or Tonmoy Kumar to discuss how ABDS can help

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