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News - 2 April 2013

April 2013 NewsLetter

Welcome to the April 2013 ABDS newsletter designed to keep you informed of the latest Accounts, Tax and Business issues. We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. We are here to help you so please contact us if you need further information on any financial topics such as: Audit, Accounts, Bookkeeping, Vat, Payroll, Tax planning returns and compliance and Business Strategy, including planning, coaching and mentoring. We are acquiring new clients who are interested in strategy for growth and selling their business at retirement so please do not hesitate to call us and discuss how we can assist you.

Remember, Real Time Information (RTI) started on the 6th April 2013, so if you are still not ready, or would like help with your payroll, contact the Payroll Team at ABDS immediately for help and assistance.

In this edition we are looking at:

Film tax fraudsters jailed.
The 45% Tax Rate: what it means to you.
Changes to Capital Allowances.N
Top tax criminals get over 150 years behind bars
School admissions appeals may not be fair, says watchdog
HMRC says commission passed on to investors is taxable.N
Primary schools face tougher targets
HMRC targets second home sales
Growing optimism amongst small businesses
What business thinks of the 2013 Budget
Schools face teacher shortage crisis.

As part of our regular features we introduce you to one of our team members, this month it is Stuart Coleman.

This month’s fact sheet is the Tax Time Table 2013/14.
To request a copy Contact us now

And we will conclude, as usual, with Joke from our resident comedian David Nelson.

Film tax fraudsters jailed.

A gang found guilty of making a film solely as a £2.8 million tax scam has been sentenced in the first prosecution for film tax relief fraud.

HMRC investigators found that the film………….To continue

The 45% Tax Rate: what it means to you.

We asked our resident Tax Gurus, Stuart and TK, what they think of the new 45% Tax Rate…….To continue

Changes to Capital Allowances.

Legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2015 to extend the 100% allowance (First Year Allowances -FYA) for………….To continue

Top tax criminals get over 150 years behind bars.

The 32 top tax criminals of 2012 have been sentenced to a combined total of 155 years and 10 months behind bars. Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said:
“The Government is committed to closing in on tax evaders………….To continue

School admissions appeals may not be fair, says watchdog.

Parents whose children fail to get into academies or faith schools in England may not get a fair right of appeal, claims an official legal watchdog.………….To continue

HMRC says commission passed on to investors is taxable.

HMRC in their Review and Customs Brief 04/13 stated that they ‘would not be justified’ in seeking to collect tax for earlier years Trail commission paid to, or for, the benefit of an investor in a collective investment scheme………….To continue

Primary schools face tougher targets.

Next year schools will need to have 65% of pupils achieving the expected levels in English and maths, up from 60%, which could result in hundreds of primary schools in England being labelled as underperforming ……...….To continue

HMRC targets second home sales.

The Property Sales Campaign, the latest campaign against tax evasion set up by HMRC, is aimed at those selling homes in the UK or abroad, where Capital Gains Tax (CGT) should be paid on any profits made, including properties people have sold that were given to them, and the sale of holiday homes………….To continue

Growing optimism amongst small businesses.

A report from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has found signs of growing optimism among small businesses in the UK ……………To continue

What business thinks of the 2013 Budget?

UK Business groups have broadly welcomed Chancellor George Osborne's Budget 2013 measures.
John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said….To continue

Schools face teacher shortage crisis.

The labour Party has claimed that pupils in England could be taught in bigger classes and by unqualified staff from next September, as a rising population puts pressure on school capacity………….To continue

Articles from the previous ABDS Newsletter (click to open).

The spotlight this month falls on

Stuart P Coleman BA (Hons) FCCA
Tax Manager

Following a degree in Accountancy from Southampton Solent University, Stuart subsequently qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant after joining ABDS in August 1999.

Stuart has substantial practical experience with the firm’s clients and as manager of the Tax Team supervises

  • The undertaking of routine tax compliance
  • Client liaison
  • specialised tax planning
  • IHT (inheritance tax planning)
  • Tax enquiry work
  • business sale & business valuation
  • Specialist projects such as business valuations, shareholder and partnership agreements, dispute resolution, statutory, contract and CIS regulation work.

Stuart is also very experienced in bookkeeping, accounts production and auditing, and so is well placed to provide clients with general advice on business issues.

Stuart has lived in Southampton all of his life. He is an avid reader and film fan and owns far too many DVD’s. He enjoys watching sport, particularly football, but as an Everton fan the term “enjoys” might not necessarily be an accurate description.

He is known as the company's “plain English” accountant for his practical, clear and concise way he can explain even extremely complex matters.

You will find that he is approachable, friendly and a good listener.

Contact Stuart to arrange a no obligation initial consultation, and see how ABDS can make a difference.

Great with People                 Brilliant with Numbers                 Clear and Precise with Words

As promised we conclude with this month’s joke supplied by David Nelson

A chap in a sports pub leans over to two blokes next to him at the bar and says, "Want to hear a joke about Accountants?"

The first bloke replies, "Well, before you tell that joke, you should know that we both play in the backrow for the local rugby First Fifteen, and that we are both accountants.
Now, do you still want to tell that joke?"

"No” the chap says, “I don't want to have to explain it twice.”


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