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News - 1 November 2013

ABDS November 2013 newsletter

Welcome to the November 2013 ABDS newsletter designed to keep you informed of the latest Accounts, Tax and Business issues.

In this edition we are looking at:

Thousands fail in GCSE English and Maths.
Audit market reforms unveiled by Competition Commission
School league tables widen to eight subjects
UK Jobless total falls
Health professionals targeted in new HMRC campaign
Changes to A-levels
HMRC: New approach to Business Record Checks (BRCs).
International agreements to improve tax compliance

As part of our regular features we introduce you to one of our team members, this month it is our Accounts Senior HELEN SMITH.

This month’s fact sheet is:

Management and Business Consultancy

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And we will conclude, as usual, with a Joke, from our resident comedian David Nelson

Thousands fail in GCSE English and Maths.

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that thousands of teenagers in England do not have at least a C-grade at GCSE in English and maths by the time they are 18.
The statistics, which have been published for the first time……To Continue

Audit market reforms unveiled by Competition Commission

The Competition Commission has ruled that all major UK-listed companies must allow accountancy firms to bid for their audit work every 10 years.
At the moment KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and Ernst & Young audit 90% of the UK's………. To Continue

School league tables widen to eight subjects

In a measure designed to prevent an over-emphasis on pupils achieving C grades at GCSE, Schools Minister David Laws is proposing that from 2016, schools will be measured on overall results in eight GCSE subjects.
There will be four key league table measures……………….. To Continue

UK Jobless total falls

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the number of unemployed fell by 18,000 in the June-August period to 2.49 million, and also that the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance last month fell by…………..To Continue

Health professionals targeted in new HMRC campaign

Health and wellbeing professionals who fail to disclose all of their taxable income to HMRC are being given the opportunity to come forward and settle unpaid tax, including any penalties and interest due. The Health and Wellbeing Tax Plan will enable health professionals …………… To Continue

Changes to A-levels

The consultation document outlines revisions to 14 A-level subjects: art and design, biology, business studies, chemistry, computing, economics, English language, English literature, English language and literature, geography, history, physics, psychology and sociology.
It follows a review of the content of A-levels earlier …………… To Continue

HMRC: New approach to Business Record Checks (BRCs).

In the latest phase of BRC, many of the customers contacted by HMRC have been keeping records correctly. So HMRC wants to explore how to better target this activity.
From 4 November 2013, HMRC's BRC activity in………………… To Continue

International agreements to improve tax compliance

The government (along with France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) and with the support of the European Commission took part in joint discussions with the US government to explore an intergovernmental approach to FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act,  a USA piece of legislation), supporting the overall aim to combat tax evasion, while reducing risks and burdens on financial institutions …………… To Continue

Articles from the previous ABDS Newsletter (click to open).


Who said?

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”

For the answer go to the end of the NewsLetter

The spotlight this month falls on our Accounts Senior

After graduating from Portsmouth University (BA (Hons) Business Administration) Helen undertook several short term contracts in wide variety of companies ranging from manufacturing to the cosmetic industry.

Helen joined the ABDS in November 2012, and is now embarked upon her ACCA qualification after successfully completing her AAT. Helen has become a valuable member of TK’s accounts team utilising all the valuable experience she gained during her time in temporary assignments.

Her spare time is taken up looking after her daughter, of early school age, cooking and outdoor sports. Helen’s chocolate cakes and fancies are particular favourite of her colleagues (especially TK) which is sure to result very soon in a mass ABDS diet.

If you would like advice on any Business, Finance, or with a Marketing project, please Contact a member of the Team to arrange a no obligation consultation for you to see how ABDS can make a difference to your business

Great with People    Brilliant with Numbers   Clear and Precise with Words

And to prove Accountants do have a sense of humour we conclude with this month’s joke supplied by our resident comedian David Nelson.

A Sunday League football team is desperate for players.

So desperate in fact that one Sunday they are forced to play a chicken.
Rather surprisingly the chicken has a brilliant first half. One minute it's clearing off its own line, the next threading the perfect through ball, the next putting in a perfect cross

At half time all its team-mates are very pleased and everyone runs back onto the pitch for the second half.

On the way the ref starts chatting with the chicken.

"Great first half mate, you must be really fit".

"Thanks", replied the chicken, "I try to keep myself fit but its difficult finding the time so I try to do an hour in the gym each morning before work".

"What do you do then?" asked the ref.

"I'm a chartered accountant" replies the chicken

At this point the ref immediately brandishes the red card and sends the chicken off. The bemused team-mates gather round the ref and start complaining.

“Sorry lads", says the ref, "I had no choice - Professional fowl".

Answer to the ABDS quiz:   

Who said?

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”

Albert Einstein

We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletter. We are here to help you so please contact us if you need further information on any financial topics such as: Audit, Accounts, Bookkeeping, Vat, Payroll, Tax planning returns and compliance and Business Strategy, including planning, coaching and mentoring. We are acquiring new clients who are interested in strategy for growth and selling their business at retirement so please do not hesitate to call us and discuss how we can assist you.

Lavinia and the team


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