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News - 8 January 2014

Academy Schools: 'more likely to see Ofsted grades rise'

A report, published by The Department for Education, shows that schools in England who have opted for Academy Status have improved more quickly than those staying as local authority schools.

These figures account for more than two-thirds of the 3,613 academy schools, showing they were more likely to improve from "good" to "outstanding".

Tonmoy Kumar, Manager of the Accounts Department of ABDS and an active school governor comments:
“Academies are state-funded and non-fee charging but have greater autonomy, such as not having to follow the national curriculum. They were launched in 2002, but grew rapidly under the coalition government from 2010. Within this category of school the largest number are more than 2,500 converter academies, which opted to become free-standing, directly funded state schools, outside of local authority control.”

The analysis shows that at both secondary and primary level, converter academies were more likely to have improved their grades and less likely to have moved downwards than local authority schools. It means that more moved up to good or outstanding or retained a rating of outstanding

However, the study does not include "sponsored" academies, which were more likely to have replaced a previously underachieving school. It also does not include schools which were forced to become academies

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