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News - 15 January 2014

Teacher quality a priority says Labour Minister.

The shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt, said that raising the quality of teaching, rather than creating new types of school structure is the way to raise standards. He also announced plans that under a future labour administration, teachers are to be regularly "re-licensed" to teach.

He emphasised the central importance of the standard of teaching – quoting the argument of the OECD's education guru Andreas Schleicher's that "no education system can exceed the quality of its teachers".

Mr Hunt said that in the run-up to writing Labour's general election manifesto, he would consult with the teaching profession on the type of training needed to keep skills up to date.

He said this was not "bashing teachers" but "elevating" them.

A Conservative Party spokesman said the party would look at any proposals which would improve the quality of teaching.

"We have already taken action by allowing heads to remove teachers from the classroom in a term, as opposed to a year previously, and scrapping the three-hour limit on classroom observations.

The proposal for continuing professional development for teachers and their regular "revalidation" was welcomed by Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers.

But she said: "A critical aspect is of course that the profession should be in control of continuous professional development."

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