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News - 24 August 2011

Southamptonís cruise industry under threat

Southampton is the largest turnaround port in Northern Europe. The cruise industry is set to bring £400million into the local economy this year and 2,240 jobs are dependent on this lucrative business that is entirely driven by private investment.

Liverpool City Council have asked the Government to use public money to fund a private “turnaround” cruise business in Liverpool, which would enable voyages to start and end in Liverpool. Liverpool have received in the past European Grants (paid for by the taxpayer), which were made under the strict condition that any terminal could only be used for cruise ships to visit.

Lavinia Newman, Founder of ABDS says:

 “This proposed use of public funds against private business could have a significant effect on Southampton and other ports in our region.”

The Southampton City Council is leading the protests against this proposed use of Liverpool as a publically funded port.

Councillor Royston Smith, Leader of the council said:

“Around £400 million was generated for the local economy by the cruise industry in Southampton this year. That is £400 million that benefits local tourism, transport and businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and Southampton’s retail centre. ”

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