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Treasury Committee calls for equal handling of tax disputes by HMRC. March 2012

In a new report, the Treasury Committee states that HMRC should deal with big businesses in the same way as other taxpayers.

Last year the Public Accounts Committee accused HMRC of enjoying 'unduly cosy' relationships with big businesses, following the revelation that there remained more than £25 billion worth of unresolved tax issues with major companies.

The MPs argued that some big companies were let off billions of pounds in tax payments because they were receiving 'preferential treatment' from the tax authority.

Following the critique, HMRC announced that all tax deals worth more than £100m would, in future, be handled by a senior official acting as an 'assurance commissioner'.

The new report by the Treasury Committee puts forward a number of recommendations, including reducing the amount of time the tax authority devotes to calculating the precise size of the 'tax gap'.

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