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HMRC extend the use of Electronic Data Interchange. 08/06/12

At the end of May, HMRC announced that they would be extending the transitional period that employers would be able to send Real Time Information (RTI) to them using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at least until 2016-17, as well as the Internet channel (which they plan to retain on a long term basis).

This will allow employers and the banking and software industries time to implement the interim RTI solution; and for HMRC to learn from the RTI pilot and consider and understand the benefits of a longer-term RTI solution.

The introduction of RTI, however, is not affected.

The RTI pilot, which includes reporting by EDI and internet via Government Gateway, began as planned on 11th April 2012 with a controlled go-live as part of the 12 month RTI pilot.

We at ABDS, as always, will keep you informed of any further developments.

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