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HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC's) campaigns provide opportunities for people to voluntarily put their tax affairs in order. They do this by identifying a group to target and gathering information and intelligence that can be used to encourage and influence that group to come forward. Once a campaign closes, HMRC then uses that same information and intelligence to follow up with action that can include criminal investigations, aimed at those who choose not to pay what they owe.

Stuart Coleman, Manager of the Tax Department of ABDS comments:
“Campaigns launched so far have produced yield of £547 million from voluntary disclosures, and nearly £140 million from non compliance follow up from a large numbers of civil interventions, including over 20,000 completed investigations. There are also 13 criminal investigations underway with five convictions already secured.”

There is only one campaign  that currently has a voluntary disclosure opportunity open.

The Tax Return Catch-up campaign is for people who have received tax returns or notice to file returns for all years up to and including 2011-12 and who have not acted. People have until 15 October to file all their outstanding tax returns and pay what they owe. After that HMRC will take a much closer look at their tax affairs. By using this campaign to come forward voluntarily, customers will receive the best terms available.

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