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Parents to pay for state schools if they earn over £80,000

The cross-party think tank, the Social Market Foundation (SMF), has raised an idea that parents who earn a combined income of more than £80,000 should have to pay if their children go to the most popular state schools.

Private headmaster Dr Anthony Seldon, a member of SMF, said that it would break "the middle-class stranglehold on top state schools" and provide additional funds.

In the report, Dr Seldon, who is head of the private school Wellington College, argues a "new wave" of radical education reform is needed to end the educational divide between state and independent schools and boost social mobility.

Fees at the most oversubscribed state schools could be the same for the most affluent as those at independent day schools, about £15,000 a year for some primary schools, and £20,000 at secondary schools.

Tonmoy Kumar, Manager of the Accounts Department of ABDS and an active school governor comments:
“The report says "far reaching reforms" in the state education system - introduced since 2000 by Labour's Lord Adonis and continued by his coalition successor Education Secretary Michael Gove - have led to improved standards and should be completed.”

In December, the head of education watchdog Ofsted warned of differences in pupil attainment across the country. Chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw said the gap was like "two nations".

In separate comments, Sir Michael said that grammar schools were "stuffed full" of middle-class children and did not improve social mobility.

Research, meanwhile, has suggested that about one in three professional parents in England has moved to an area he or she considers to have good schools.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said the Tories were not adopting the policy.

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