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HM Revenue & Customs advisory mileage rates

From 1 June 2011 Fuel-Only Mileage Rates (Where only fuel is provided by the Employer)

HMRC advisory mileage rates for employee private mileage reimbursement or employer  reimbursement of business mileage are:

Engine capacity         Petrol          Diesel             Gas

Up to 1400 cc             15                    12                 11
1401 to 2000 cc         18                    15                 13
Over 2000  cc             26                    18                 18

For employees using their own transport

The approved maximum tax and national insurance free mileage allowances for employees using their own transport for business are as follows:

Flat rate             First 10,000 miles    Over 10,000 miles

Cars and vans                   45p                   25p
Motor cycles                       24p                   24p
Bicycles                              20p                   20p    

Income tax and NICS are due when allowances exceed these rates. Employees can claim tax relief on any shortfall.

Rates of up to 5p per mile, per passenger, are also tax and NIC free when paid for the carriage of fellow passengers in a car or van on the same business trip.


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