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News - 17 April 2012

Older workers are in favour

The survey of 500 managing directors across small and big businesses found that 48.2pc would hire older staff over young recruits; with 70pc admitting the rise in out-of-work older people will have a “negative impact” on opportunities for the young.

Employers in manufacturing and engineering are far less likely to offer opportunities to inexperienced young people whom they would have to train up and supervise more when there are plenty of “job-ready” older people available to do the work due to Britain’s rising unemployment toll.

The latest research from Semta, the engineering skills council, shows the industry will need almost 100,000 new engineers and scientists just to replace those retiring over the next four years.

The Government has introduced a range of incentives to spur employers into hiring more young people amid the difficult economic backdrop, including more funding for hundreds of thousands of apprenticeships.

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