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Improving performance

We offer a business consultancy service to help you improve your business's performance. We have been supplying sole directors and board's with consultancy advice and coaching for over three decades, and we know that those who seek professional advice when needed are sensible and have a greater chance of long-term success.

​Businesses can often find that they cannot afford to pay for full-time general or specialist advice and our business consultancy service can fill this gap, offering advice on specific matters or regular support on a monthly basis. Our approach is to tailor our consultancy service to your requirements, so you can deploy us as a specialist resources.

For instance, we can plan and complete one-off change projects that you do not have the time to administer such as bringing in new finance systems and processes. This can include working with you to motivate your employees to help them see the rationale for change and embrace it. Over the longer-term, we can help you to devise and implement strategies for growing your business. This includes working with you to assess current performance, setting a vision for growth, putting in place a plan to achieve that vision and financing it.

Sometimes it can be lonely at the top and it is difficult to find experienced help and advice. Our range of services also includes business coaching to help you set better goals and reach them faster, make better decisions and improve your relationships. Coaching can help where perhaps you may have lost sight of where your business is going and why or where you have a lot of business experience, but you have not really invested in yourself as leader and need to do so to move your business to the next level.​

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