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News - 9 October 2012

Beware of new ‘Phishing’ emails

Cyber crime, as we all know, is on the increase. The latest in the “Bogus E-mail” scams is the one that claims you’ve ordered a pizza and it’s on its way, most people think, ‘I’ve got to stop it, it’s a mistake.’ But it isn't a mistake - it's a clever new 'phishing' attack.

It’s just a new generation of ‘phishing’ email, where cleverly targeted emails fool even cautious internet users into revealing personal details online.

The pizza order will prompt users to click on order details - in the process downloading software that can ‘breach’ their computer, handing control to cyber criminals. Software can then be installed to steal bank details, or even to use the PC to send further spam.

Today’s phishing emails are more likely to be packaged as invoices, documents that many of us might open just to check the details, even if they ARE from an unexpected source.

Others are ‘order details’ from real-life pizza restaurants, using their letterhead - or package orders from delivery firms, which users panic and try to cancel.

But as with visiting a fake bank website, the emails will instead deliver a payload of malicious software into the user’s computer.

Another, far more sinister and disturbing, is the one that arrives from a friend or close acquaintance claiming that they have been mugged abroad, have lost their phone and need money, and for you to email details to get them out of difficult or dangerous predicament.


Mike Twomey, Marketing Manager of ABDS comments:
‘‘Hackers are in a perfect environment to ‘tune’ their attacks. If they send one email saying ‘Click on this funny cat video,’ and people don’t fall for that, they just try again. Next time it will be a fake package order, or fake invoices. The key is still to not click on the attachment.’

If you receive an email you are not sure about, delete it immediately.

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