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At ABDS, we like to see businesses flourish.


We are chartered certified accountants in Southampton, providing business accountant services, tax advice, bookkeeping services and business consultancy to help your business grow profitably and to help you efficiently plan and manage your tax liabilities. 

Our clients range from large to small businesses: growing limited companies, sole traders, high net worth individuals, academy schools, charities and internet trading companies. They are based in Southampton, across the UK and overseas.

We are not just another firm of accountants, we are your trusted business partner. From start to finish, ABDS is with you every step of the way.

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At ABDS, we take a holistic view your affairs encompassing both your audit requirement and year-end accounts preparation, compliance and strategic goals, together with your business taxation and personal financial planning needs, to offer you the correct mix of services.

We consider your business and your personal affairs to be a journey over time, tailoring our services to your changing business and personal needs, in line with what you plan for the future.

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Alleviating stress

We can prepare your annual accounts for you. These may be statutory financial statements to comply with obligations under the Companies Act or Charities Act, or accounts to enable the preparation of your self-assessment tax returns.

All our work is produced in accordance with relevant financial regulations, so you have peace of mind that your affairs are in order, legally compliant and submitted on time.

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Useful assurance

Our audit company can provide your business with a compliant, high-quality audit of your company's annual accounts. Our aim is for you to view your annual audit, whether statutory, or voluntary, as an opportunity for improvements and not as an overhead. 

We believe that our independent assurance and challenging objectivity can actually serve to enhance the operation of your business by providing you with early warnings of issues and help to identify solutions.



Saving you money

We can prepare and submit your self-assessment tax return or company tax return well in advance of the deadline which helps you plan for payment. Early tax planning advice for your business enables you to make good choices. This requires care and a good understanding of all the relevant taxation and commercial factors.

With a tax-planning accountant you will get a good understanding of your circumstances, and that of your business, as well as your short and long-term objectives. We identify and explain in plain English the pros and cons of any possible tax planning ideas and opportunities, so you can decide what suits your situation. 

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Improving performance

We offer business consultancy to help you improve your business's performance. Sometimes it is lonely at the top and it is difficult to find experienced help. ABDS has been supplying sole directors and board's with consultancy advice and coaching for many years.

Sometime businesses cannot afford to pay for full-time general or specialist advice but our business consultancy service can fill this gap offering flexible advice on specific matters or monthly consultancy.  Those who seek professional advice when needed are sensible and have a greater chance of  long-term success. Use us as a resource.



Enabling growth

We offer high quality bookkeeping services, compliant with making tax digital. Our services include quarterly VAT returns, payroll and monthly management accounts. Together, we can review your financial information throughout the year to help you to follow a meaningful business plan with reliable financial forecasts.This process means that you do not wait until the year-end to review your financial information.


In this competitive world, growing your business means always having an up to date picture of your business's finances and performance, not just at the year end when planning opportunities have passed. With our reliable management accounts preparation service, you can plan and take advantage of business opportunities at the right time. 

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Quality financial management

While growing your business, it is not always easy to fully concentrate on the money. If you are too distant from the finances, you risk overlooking potential threats to the business. If too involved - opening post and chasing debtors - you cannot focus on your business's future. 

You can get the balance right now by outsourcing your finance department to us. We can provide a range of services from bookkeeping to board representation and take away the stress of running your own finance department and accounting function whilst you grow your business. Ultimately, this can reduce your administrative burden and your costs and provide the comfort that your affairs are being looked after by qualified accountants.

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We work collaboratively with Continuum so our clients can benefit from advice from an award winning and reputable independent financial adviser. They provide advice and can offer a range of options to help you manage your financial future. They have a won a number of awards for the quality of their services which is why we have formed a relationship with them.

Planning for your financial future is essential no matter what the stage of your financial journey you are at. Continuum's mission is to bring to their clients a lifetime financial planning experience, where the advice is uncomplicated, clear and at all times meaningful.


15 Oxford Street Southampton United Kingdom SO14 3DJ

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